Ekat Bork – Shamania

Shamania by Ekat Bork out on YouTube

The eclectic Ekat Bork releases Shamania; produced, arranged and mixed by Alex Trecarichi.

Shamania anticipates the release of the album “EKAT.”, due to release in March 2020

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***** ” Although “YasDyes”, in Russian for “I am now here”, looks like a unity, the album, with its variety, bursts out of its drawers at second glance. In this way, Ekat Bork, despite the similarities to other artists, does not sound like a copy.
The diversity in her music is intriguing Ekat Bork is creating her very own introspective electronic music.” LAUT.de – Best of 2017- Die Newcomer des Jahres

***** “… as if contemporary culture pop had found its true nature, sometimes it seems Trent Reznor reincarnates in Florence And The Machine, but these are all reducing definitions: Yasdyes is simply a masterpiece of the genre with an emotion inside which is sometimes difficult to handle, just wonderful.
Ekat Bork plays with great energy and communicative power, her energy on stage can turn even a small concert hall into an unforgettable event. Her performance involves and convinces.” (9/10) RUMORE

Ekat Bork was born in Ussurijsk, Russia.

She studied at CPM IN Milan “singing and contemporary writing and production” and made contacts within the musical world of Switzerland and Italy. Ekat expresses herself by writing music, lyrics and arrangements. In October/ December 2013 she performed with Eric Martin and Jannifer Batten in acoustic and electric shows on a long tour. June 2013 she released her first album “VERAMELLIOUS” produced by the Indie Label GinkhoBox with her manager and producer Silvio Cattaneo and the music producers Francesco Fabris fand Sandro Mussida. In 2014 she reached the most important stages in Switzerland like the Gurten Festival, M4music , Label Suisse…

With her co-producer, Francesco Fabris  they recorded two challenging, uncompromising albums, “VERAMELLIOUS” and in 2015 she was working on her new Album “YASДYES”

(“I am here now”) recorded in different locations in Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and Germany. January 2016 Album mastering at Calyx studios in Berlin.

In late 2017, Ekat needed a new environment to inspire her next project. Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik became their creative lair in the land of fire and ice. The wild, unfamiliar landscape and the openness of the Icelandic people refreshed Ekat’s creative juices and over a period of weeks, “KONTROL“ emerged.

Mastered by composer, producer and engineer, Valgeir Sigurðsson.

In May and August 2018, Ekat Bork will find herself free, naked and fearless as she embarks on her first Solo , EU & India TOUR.

In May 2019 Ekat Bork was nominated, in the electronic music category , as a Swiss Live Talent for awards.


Ekat is currently working on her 3th Album .

By alextrecarichi

Producer, musician, sound engineer.

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