In the next months Alex will be touring all over Italy with Max Pezzali as F.O.H. sound engineer. During the Max90 Live, Pezzali he will retrace his career by offering his greatest hits live with a musical journey to relive together the decade, the 90s, which marked the history of Italian music. It will be an opportunity to sing […]

Alex Trecarichi sarà il fonico F.O.H. del tour di Nek, Max Pezzali e Francesco Renga. Queste le date di “NEK MAX RENGA, il tour”: 18 gennaio Jesolo, Pala Arrex – DATA ZERO 20 gennaio all’Unipol Arena di Bologna 22 gennaio al Brixia Forum di Brescia 25 gennaio all’RDS Stadium di Genova 26 gennaio al Pala Alpi Tour di Torino 29 gennaio all’Adriatic Arena di Pesaro […]