Coral 2 – A.I. Collaboration

Today Acustica Audio released Coral 2  a suite of mastering plugin featuring an AI-based approaches to mixing:

Unlike other companies, who classify audio content (violins, drums, vocals etc.) with the aim of implementing an auto-mix functionality of the software, Acustica Audio have chosen a completely different approach: they decided to ‘sample’ me and my approach on working on a track. Every mixing move is learned by the plugin based on both the audio material and my personal preferences using it.
This is achieved by using a method based on Deep Learning technology, which allows Acustica Audio to literally teach the plugin my ‘secret moves’.

(Coral Baxter MS version is included in Coral 2 Suite)

This is all about my style and my unique creative approach and not about creating fixed ‘presets; this means the plugin will react differently according to what it ‘hears’, based on what it has learned from me while I used it.

In addiction, Acustica Audio is releasing Coral Baxter, a stereo version downloadable via Aquarius FOR FREE!


You can read official Gearslutz post HERE

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