MAX 90 Tour 2021

In the next months Alex will be touring all over Italy with Max Pezzali as F.O.H. sound engineer.

During the Max90 LivePezzali he will retrace his career by offering his greatest hits live with a musical journey to relive together the decade, the 90s, which marked the history of Italian music. It will be an opportunity to sing together and remember that period with the music of 883 and of Max Pezzali.

The songs and the stage set will bring back the meetings at the bar, the paper road maps, the compulsory military service, the children, 10,000 Lire which should have been enough for Saturday evening. The same memories that Max Pezzali tells in the book Max90. My story. The myths and emotions of a very cool decade). [source:]

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By alextrecarichi

Producer, musician, sound engineer.

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